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You are responsible for checking this site for all information relevant to Bids or Proposals to include Addenda and/or Amendments that may be issued prior to the opening date. 

  •   Informal Bids
The Douglas County Purchasing Department will normally obtain informal bids by phone or mailing a request for a quotation.  In such cases, the product or service needed and the date by which you must submit your bid will be stated.  Occasionally, you may need to obtain and review detailed specifications.  Informal bids will be submitted and opened in the Douglas County Purchasing Department on the specified date and time indicated in the bid documents.
  •   Formal Bids (Sealed Bids) Request for Proposal (RFP)
To submit a sealed bid, you will need to review the specifications for the product or service requested.  The specifications describe the physical, technical, or functional characteristics, or the nature of a product, service or construction item.
If you wish to respond to a Request for Proposal, you must obtain a copy of the detailed specifications and bid form.  The advertisement will state where specifications, plans, and bid forms can be obtained.  It will also state the location where bids must be received, the date and time by which bids must be submitted, and whether a bid bond is required.

Review and understand the specifications.  Read them carefully, then re-read them to avoid misunderstandings.  Call the contact person listed in the RFP if you have any questions about the specifications.
  •   City of Omaha bids
If your business is a small or emerging business and you wish to be certified by the City of Omaha, request a Certification for Small and Emerging Small Business form from the City of Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department.  Once you have completed the form, you must submit it to the City of Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department, 502 Civic Center, 1819 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68183.   Small and Emerging Small Business questions should be directed to the City of Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department at (402) 444-5055 or the above address. 

In addition, for a City of Omaha bid in excess of $10,000, a Contract Compliance Form (CC-1) must be submitted to the City of Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department. To confirm that you have a current Form CC-1 on file, please go to https://humanrights.cityofomaha.org/ and click on the "CC-1 Search" menu option.  If you do not have a current Form CC-1 on file, the form can be found at https://humanrights.cityofomaha.org/.