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Current Bids and Proposals

Bidder's Responsibilities:

  • To carefully review the bid documents and instructions
  • To assure bids and proposals are received in the Clerk of the City of Omaha's office by opening date and time. 
  • To check the Purchasing Department's website for any addenda or amendments issued prior to the opening date and time

Bids and Proposal Submittals:

Clerk of the City of Omaha
LC1 Civic Center
1819 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68183

Tabulations (posted on the website only)

  • Bid tabs will be posted on the web by 2:00 on the Friday after they are opened
  • Request for Proposal tabs will be posted as they are available

Archived Bids and Proposals

  • Bids and proposals are moved to the "Archived" page approximately two weeks after opening.


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# Article Title Date
1 RFP: Redevelopment of the Civic Auditorium Site Wednesday, 04 June 2014
2 RFP: Medic Unit Billing & Collection Services Wednesday, 14 May 2014
3 Condensate Surge Tank project at the Douglas County Healthy Center Wednesday, 07 May 2014
4 OPW 52223 (CSO): South Interceptor Force Main - North Segment Wednesday, 07 May 2014
5 Douglas County Project No. C-28(473) 156th Street and Butler Avenue Immprovements (Grading, Paving, and Erosion Control) Wednesday, 07 May 2014
6 RFP: Bridge Inspection Vehicle for the City of Omaha Wednesday, 30 April 2014
7 OPW 52635-SP: Fire Station #31 Structural Repairs Wednesday, 30 April 2014
8 CITY OF OMAHA AND DOUGLAS COUNTY Aluminum Sign Blanks Wednesday, 30 April 2014
9 OPW 52551: 16th Street Streetscape - Phase II Wednesday, 30 April 2014
10 Douglas County Project No. SP-2008(06) 192nd Street and F Street and SP-2008(07) 168th Street and Fort Street (Intersection Signalization) Wednesday, 23 April 2014
11 City of Omaha Prairie Lane Park Pickleball Improvements Wednesday, 23 April 2014
12 City of Omaha New Pedestrian Bridge Wednesday, 23 April 2014
13 Douglas County Corrections Vulcan GT100E Gas, Fully Jacketed Stationary Kettle Wednesday, 23 April 2014
14 OPW 52558: Resurfacing of Residential and State-Connecting Link Street Segments at Various Locations within the City of Omaha Wednesday, 23 April 2014
15 City of Omaha Truck Cab & Chassis (60,000 GVW) with Dump Body Wednesday, 16 April 2014
16 OPW 52570-SP (CSO): Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant SIFM Wetlands Mitigation* THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DELAYED. Wednesday, 16 April 2014
17 City of Omaha One Ton Walk-In Cargo Van (9,350 GVW) Wednesday, 16 April 2014
18 OPW 52185: Repairs to Hickory, Pierce and Douglas Stormwater Pump Stations* BID OPENING HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 9, 2014 Wednesday, 09 April 2014
19 OPW 51340: Household Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal Contract Wednesday, 09 April 2014
20 City of Omaha 24" Fairbanks Morse Centrifugal Pump Rebuild Wednesday, 09 April 2014
21 City of Omaha 18" Fairbanks Morse Centrifugal Pump Rebuild Wednesday, 09 April 2014
22 Douglas County Soap and Hand Sanitizer Rebid Wednesday, 09 April 2014
23 Douglas County Security Camera System Upgrade Wednesday, 02 April 2014
24 Douglas County Project No.: SP-2013(03) 156th Street Improvements, North of Bennington Boulevard (Grading and Asphalt Paving) Wednesday, 02 April 2014
25 RFP: Avaya & NorTel Phone System Maintenance* BID OPENING HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 2, 2014 Wednesday, 02 April 2014
26 OPW 52507-SP: Repair of a Culvert Along Harry Anderson Avenue Just Northwest of Golfing Green Drive Wednesday, 02 April 2014
27 City of Omaha Compressed Natural Gas Street Sweeper Wednesday, 02 April 2014
28 Douglas County Surveillance System Modifications to Agency-Supplied Van Wednesday, 02 April 2014
29 City of Omaha Testing of Wastewater Samples Wednesday, 02 April 2014
30 City of Omaha Firefighter Hoods Wednesday, 02 April 2014
31 City of Omaha Crafco Sealant (Asphalt) Wednesday, 02 April 2014
32 City of Omaha Four Wheel Drive Police Special Service Vehicle Wednesday, 02 April 2014
33 OPW 52559: Residential Concrete Curb Ramp Construction at Various Locations within the City of Omaha Wednesday, 02 April 2014
34 OPW 52596: Brick Street Restoration at Various Locations Wednesday, 02 April 2014
35 City of Omaha Radiation Equipment Wednesday, 02 April 2014